Our Story || Manna from Heaven

How it all started...

Manna from Heaven Ministries International is a 508 unincorporated not for profit Private Membership Association. We began as a ministry on the Mississippi Gulf Coast September 15th, 1999. Our vision is to be a discipleship oriented platform where we are able to share the deep truths of His Word while preparing His People for the work of the ministry. We believe we’re living in the Last Days and as such, we must have an understanding unique to this season. We need a revelatory insight regarding His Word that will enable us to not only survive the coming tribulation, but to thrive in order to prepare a Goshen where others may find sanctuary!

We endeavor to teach the Torah, and celebrate the Holy Convocations, in particular the 7th Day Sabbath each being a means of communicating the specific Calendar and Time Clock enabling us to be Unified as a Nation! Keeping those are imperative if we’re to know Him!

We relocated, at the direction of the Holy Spirit, in 2012 to the Pacific North West, namely in the general Salem area. Our vision here has been to become more intentional and specific in fulfilling the mandate given us to teach others how to come out of Babylon and make both spiritual and physical application in their lives and others.

Expanding the vision...

In mid 2012 Manna from Heaven Ministries relocated  to Salem, Oregon obediently answering the call from Yahweh regarding the direction of the ministry.  Little known then regarding the bigger vision in store!  In late 2018, Remnant of Truth International  relocated to join alongside!  The two together have created a unique kingdom model of 2 viable separate  ministries who are choosing to work alongside each other as 'echad/one, in unity, yet neither one swallowing or overshadowing the other.

Born from this union is the united umbrella of Remnant Manna United!

Where we are headed...

We were blessed beyond measure to see the Hand of YHVH intervene in our efforts in late 2018 by sending Shepherd John and Rochelle Flores of Remnant of Truth International to stand with us in a unified effort to convey the need for People to get their houses ready now!

We’re now functioning as a Joint Ministry: Remnant Manna United. The efforts at preparing a Goshen have intensified and we’re working doubly hard to share the Truths of Torah that confirm the above daily!

Come Visit us and Come Out of Her My People!

Be a part of THE VISION...

Join us every Shabbat (Saturday) as we gather to worship together at 12 PM Pacific.