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Balaq 2024

Jul 20, 2024    John-James Flores

This Torah Portion is always a sobering one for everyone who has ears to hear what the Spirit of YHWH is

speaking through this ancient revelation. This is a satanic umbilical cord of the Antichrist and his Beast system

feeding the masses and MARKING the masses. When you discus the characteristics displayed regarding

Balaam, Korach and Cain, it should put us on alert, especially in the House of Elohim. It is like an antenna

system in a sense, the transmission is ‘cast out’ like a NET on the SEA in order to gain a response from the

MULTITUDE of fish. We are collectively in the SEA of this world system and depending on the

transmission via the NET, your place is not determined by which Vineyard you’re in, but if you have been

steadfast on the Narrow Path of the Kingdom.