Shavuot || Pentecost

For every Feast of Yahweh listed in Leviticus 23, as well as the minor celebrations of Purim & Hanukkah, there is free E-book to download designed to teach you the basics of this special season!  

The festivals were to be the highlight of our year! There are many traditions that surround each one because they each have thousands of years of history! But if we get so caught up in trying to “keep the traditions”, we can miss the entire point of the feast itself!  First and foremost, this is a Divine Appointment with Yahweh! It’s all about Him! Secondly, these festivals were to be a joyous time and they were family oriented! This “guide” is to help explain the basics of the festival and also give you and your family ideas to help make it your own.

It’s our family history, it’s our future, & it’s our story!
Shavuot is the 4th Feast on the Calendar of Yahweh.  With the 7 festivals listed in Leviticus 23, its placement draws special attention as it is perfectly centered.  In this role it acts as the Shamash/servant candle that is used to light all others.  Shavuot illuminates why we were redeemed at Passover looking back, and points forward to the promises that are to be fulfilled at the Fall Feasts!  Another aspect that is quite unique regarding Shavuot is that it has no set date.  We are commanded to count the days - the season of serfirat ha'omer in order to prepare for Shavuot!

It is the journey from slave to mature sons and daughters, from death to new life, from the status of bondage to the status of a nation of kings and priests!  With Shavuot being the central focus, could it be that if we don’t undergo this transition, then we can never fully understand or access the potential and purpose meant for us at these divine appointments?  They can only be entered into by one who is walking as sons and daughters, functioning as His representatives and co-regent on the earth!

In fact Shavuot itself, though directly translated as "weeks", it is the same Hebrew root that can infer an oath or covenant, as well as the root shuv - to return or restore!  As we count the omer, we are declaring, rehearsing, and walking out the very covenant promise that will restore us!  What a powerful season!

We personally believe the omer count begins the weekly Shabbat after Passover (more info in our book).  With Passover having been celebrated April 2, the omer count begins April 7.  Marking Shavuot as May 26.
Psalms 90:12
"So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."