Our Story || REmnant of Truth

John-James of the House of Flores. has went down the road of Bible college where he obtained a couple degrees in Biblical studies and he also attending the University of Jerusalem to accomplish a task in his study endeavors. He would later be ordained as a rabbi as well as having a pastoral ordination. With strong conviction John-James of the House of Flores. began to act on the call placed on his life and began studying and teaching the Scriptures from their Hebraic origin. Learning how to read Ancient or Biblical Hebrew, John-James of the House of Flores. had an edge on the fast pace doctrines from Christianity and has been able to filter those and bring corrections to many mistakes found therein. John-James of the House of Flores. began to impart the truths of Scripture from their Hebraic origin and many lives began to be changed that even small home study groups were developed and many in other states and a few countries had been impacted. John-James of the House of Flores. took that passion for Scripture and Evangelism to the Hebraic venue for all who were hungry to know the whole truth of our King and Savior.

John-James of the House of Flores. would implement all the Feast Days , Shabbat, eating Kosher and the true love of The Father to everyone around him. John-James of the House of Flores. began instilling all these truths to His wife, son and daughters. His ministry began in his home where all ministries usually begin. John-James of the House of Flores. and his wife have three beautiful children, their son Jeremiah, daughters Ashley and Johannah. All with the truth engraved upon their hearts and souls and already impacting the world with their gifts.

Today John-James of the House of Flores. stands as the senior shepherd of Remnant of Truth International. His desire is to spread the message of The Kingdom of our Yahushua HaMashiach who is The MalkiTzedeq High Priest. As cutting edge as it is, The Father has brought into John’s life faithful men and women of likeminded emunah/belief. One thing John-James of the House of Flores. lives by to this day and occasionally reminds people of is this, “Meet people where they are at and then you will discover what it means to walk as our Messiah did.” This is what happened in his life some 20 years ago.

Expanding the vision...

In late 2018 Remnant of Truth relocated  to Salem, Oregon to join in ministry alongside Manna from Heaven Ministries.  The two together have created a unique kingdom model of 2 viable separate  ministries who are choosing to work alongside each other as 'echad/one, in unity, yet neither one swallowing or overshadowing the other.

Born from this union is the united umbrella of Remnant Manna United!

Where we are headed...

We were blessed beyond measure to see the Hand of YHVH intervene in our efforts in late 2018 by sending Remnant of Truth International to stand with Pastor David & Brenda Mathews of Manna from Heaven Ministries International in a unified effort to convey the need for People to get their houses ready now!

We’re now functioning as a Joint Ministry: Remnant Manna United. The efforts at preparing a Goshen have intensified and we’re working doubly hard to share the Truths of Torah that confirm the above daily!

Come Visit us and Come Out of Her My People!

Be a part of THE VISION...

Join us every Shabbat (Saturday) as we gather to worship together at 12 PM Pacific.