Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

The combined mission of both Remnant of Truth International and Manna from Heaven Ministries International is the heart that links the two of us together. We firmly believe that Abba has called us for this hour into a deeper revelation of His Word enabling us to see the hidden agenda of our enemy that has been assimilated into the world’s religions and thereby, expose it. We know we have been called to set the Captives free. Thus, our mission is to lead the People out of Babylon/Egypt and into the Secret Place of the Most High!

The Vision

The vision of Manna from Heaven & Remnant of Truth is to create a community of authentic Believers demonstrated through discipleship and commitment. Our duty is to serve those who serve our King – Yahshua! What we have seen and heard we live. What we live, we endeavor to teach those whom the Father sends our way.

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