Purim & Tetzaveh 2023

Mar 4, 2023    David Mathews

Our Weekly Torah Portion is Tetzaveh and bears a unique connection to what we hope to divulge in our combined study involving Esther and Purim. As Tetzaveh launches us into the week where many commemorate the festival of Purim, the parallels between the two are uncanny! First, we find that of all the Parsha from the beginning of Exodus until the end of Torah, Tetzaveh is the only one where Moshe’s name is not mentioned! It’s as if he is absent for a season much the same as most assume YHVH as being absent or hidden in the book of Esther. Moreover, it is also established that Moshe was born on Adar 7 and also died – 120-years later on Adar 7 just prior to the Adar 14 date of Purim!