Eikev 2022

Aug 20, 2022    Brittney Scott

Eikev/”On the Heel of” (“Because”), Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25, continues on in Mosheh’s final speech to the children of Israel.  Over and over again we find emphasized that Israel accessing and entering the land of their inheritance is a covenant promise from Yahweh!  This entire passage speaks directly to the importance of one’s faith!  Translators differ on the best translation of this Hebrew opening phrase “ve’hayah eikev” – whether it should be “and if you listen” or “and because you listen”.  Eikev refers to action – literally walking out what you have heard!  So whether you are currently in the category of “if you listen” – waiting to see if you will be obedient, or the category of “because you listen”, affirming your obedience that leads to these very blessings, the reminder is that faith without works is dead.