Qedoshim 2022

May 7, 2022    John-James Flores

We are in this season of counting UP to Shavuot – the Omer. At Passover all the leaven in the house was removed and at Shavuot the cleaned-out house is now filled with life, power, revelation, love and righteousness because of the indwelling of the Qadosh Spirit! We have 49 days to prepare to ascend the Holy Mountain of our Melkhitzedek! From the Altar of the Lamb in Goshen to the Altar of The King. We have 49 days, 7 weeks to harness the animal nature called the barley man. Those thirsty for animal sacrifice as their atoning work have not entered the dimension of the Melkhitzedek Royal High-Priest dimension yet! Animals are not given passage to The King’s Altar Table that is outside the gate of animal sacrifice; only the living sacrifice is welcome – Romans 12:1-2. The mind must be renewed in this truth in order to ascend Holiness!