Naso 2022

Jun 18, 2022    David Mathews

As we continue to ponder the role of Aaron and the other Sons of Levi in relation to the pattern of the Tabernacle Man in the Wilderness known as; ‘The Tent of Meeting’, we’re seeing more of the picture of their role as messianic precursors to Messiah Yahshua, as well as, how they handled that role, how long their custodial obligations lasted and what role, if any, the future 3rd-Temple has to do with the Priestly Order of our Righteous King – The Melek Zadek. As we continue from Part 1, let’s examine this ‘Tabernacle or Tent of Meeting’ a bit closer to help us put our view of Levi in relation to this tent in perspective with it’s original intended pattern of the Fallen Adam.