Shoftim 2022

Sep 3, 2022    David Mathews

Traditionally, each Parsha is divided into 7 ‘readings’. This specific Torah portion is unique in that it outlines the model for a National Constitution and the implementation of Judges and officers of the court. In doing so, it also establishes specific rules of conduct for those Judges, Levites, Prophets, and later, the Kings, should Israel choose one. There are many other details wherein those bearing the title ‘Shoftim – Judges’ are given instructions regarding the affairs of the community. But, as in the case of our day, what happens if these judges do not rule righteously? Does general unrighteousness abrogate our responsibility to act honorably? Has and ‘awakened’ generation altered what is now an antiquated lifestyle if based on Torah? Does the definition of scripture based principals need changing in order to fit society’s ideals?