Shavuot 2021

May 22, 2021    David Mathews

This is a unique and holy Convocation in that its existence is predicated upon a 50-day season called the ‘Counting of the Omer’. Thus, before addressing Shavuot, let’s look a bit closer at this specific period and why it’s crucial to accessing your Yovel or Jubilee!  

·      Sefirat HaOmer, העומר ירתפּס, Sephirot HaOmer - is a phrase taken from 2 important words: The first is H#5608, רפּס, Saphar, which does indicate to count or take a reckon of something, yet it also indicates to recount or rehearse, and to scribe, speak or tell out loud. Further it points toward a military scribe charged with keeping the muster rolls or accounts of his fighting men! Its’ gematria equals 340 and is the same as that of Shem, the Name.